What is Mr Bean Cartoon about ?

I am pretty sure though Mr Bean @ Rowan Atkinson belongs to the UK he has millions of fans all over the world. The specifically straining ways in wh...


I am pretty sure though Mr Bean @ Rowan Atkinson belongs to the UK he has millions of fans all over the world. The specifically straining ways in which he twists his face just to make us laugh has got millions and millions of hearts loving him and he is well known as Mr Bean than his original name i guess.

The show started off as a Mr Bean original series where Atkinson acted up in his specifically comic and humorous ways as a meddly and muddly Mr Bean who tends to screw up almost everything he does. He has his own ways of dealing with things be it driving a car, arriving at office, shop at walmart or even pack a picnic lunch. Though everything wuld seem shaky or wavery, Mr Bean usually ends up on top of things. This show won him so much fans all over the world that they produced this show for a long time.

The original series had Mr Akinson in the lead. The episodes ran for 6 seasons and at the end , because of the unanimous love from people, they went ahead and directed a series of movies. The first one was Mr Bean – The ultimate disaster movie. This is where Bean was a guard at a museum. But due to his menace, they sent him to the US to oversee a painting’s installation the Whistler’s mother. He screws up for himself, his host family and also the painting. The movie is about how Bean conquers the odds and comes up on top of things.

The movie after this was Mr Bean Holiday where he travels to Cannes Film Festival after winning a lottery. His holiday is portrayed as an entertaining movie with the muddles and minor set backs all thorugh, he finds his lady love, befriends a big Director, teaches a lesson to another mean one and unites a boy with his father.

All the success prompted the producers of Mr Bean to make a final shake of the Bean money tree. they produces animated series of Bean and owing to the fan base of Mr Bean, this was a huge success. I personally like both the original and the animated series and this site is just for those fans of Mr Bean who want to watch the episodes over and over and not wait for Tv channels to air it.

You can also find interesting news, tidbits , wallpapers, collectibles, DVDs about Mr Bean and keep abreast with all thats happening in Mr Bean’s world !!

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It’s a nightmare on Bean Street as Mr. Bean goes to see a horror movie. Yu know what would have happened. Either he got too scared or did not get scared at all. Well, he got scared this time and with his actions and noises he scares people around too. Irma gets irritated and so do the others. Watch Mr Bean – The Animated Series – Scaredy Bean to know more about the episode’s progress.

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Mr. Bean competes in a running race around London and ends up in hospital. Why does he end up in a hospital ? Who is the other fat competitor who takes part and tries to win against Bean ? What happens at the hospital ? Find answers to all these questions… Watch Mr Bean – The Animated Series – A running battle.

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Mr. Bean nearly runs into a posh ladies dog and gets invited in for a special banguet only to find he was conned. Why was he conned ? What happens at the banquet ? Who invited him over ? Watch Mr Bean – The Animated Series – A Grand Invitation to find out more about the episode.

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Mr. Bean Collects some frogs-spawn from the local pond and looks after it until they become frogs, but they turn into Scary Frogs! They pester Bean for food and at one point in time almost all the food in the house goes down. Bean tackles the problem somehow…. But how ? Watch Mr. Bean – The Animated Series – Hopping Mad Online to find out.